What is I?

What is this place? I only ask because I need to know. I search and experience and laugh and cry and play and work and nurture and kill and create and destroy.

What I see with my eyes I know is not my whole reality. My vision is limited to my form. I sense the unseen and wonder what and why. My purpose seems to be driven by my desires to satisfy my selfish need for survival.

I don’t know with certainty if what I do is correct. I am rewarded for certain choices and actions and punished for others. The only means of measure for my deeds is the judgment I face by my peers. This means that if the rest of us have it wrong I have been pulled right along.

What happens when my peers disagree with each other? This turns my world upside-down and results in such uncertainty and confusion that I am plunged into a state of depression. Uncertainty means no action. No action is counter productive. And no progress ends with extinction.

I know all this sounds depressing, but if I really analyze the state of my existence I cannot escape the realization that I cannot be certain of anything, even the statement I am making here. How can I find the reason of my being if my being cannot reason?

So I search. What I seek I can’t be sure. If I find it I may not know I have done so. My eternal quest continues.