I Am a Rock

It doesn’t matter what I think because my thoughts and experiences are only a small part of a larger whole. And yet every thought and every experience, no matter how grand or insignificant, contributes to the greater understanding of whom and what I am.

This is consciousness. I exist because I am aware of the universe around me. I am part of the universe; therefore, the universe must be conscious of itself. The reality I experience is limited only by the vessel I inhabit at this time. I process information like any other human being.

But how does a rock process information? Is a rock not also part of this universe? Is a rock conscious of itself? Not same way I am. A rock is conscious at a quantum level. Although the rock and I inhabit the same universe the rock’s purpose is to be only a rock, to hold together as a rock and contribute to the experience of a higher level of consciousness which is I.

For this reason the rock experiences the universe quite differently than I. Yet both the rock and I help to make the universe as a whole. We make up that part of matter and energy that is the rock and I. The rock does not contribute much more than its physical matter. The energy that holds that matter is what in time will transforms the rock to a more sophisticated form of existence that will experience the universe in a completely different way. That same energy may transform the rock to an even lesser form than its current composition. This will not make whatever the rock becomes any less significant, only different.

This process repeats itself indefinitely making energy the common thread within the fabric of our universe.


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