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Marion Smith - July 31st

My name is Marion Smith and I am senior director of God's Leadership Ministry online www.godsleadershipministry.com.

Wow I am impressed. You are so refreshing. I like a person who tells it like it is. So many say they believe in God and all that but they don't really. I have found that people don't like it when you're blunt but the truth is the truth. If there is no God there is nothing or nobody and I don't care to hear all that hoopala that all these so called scientists have so called proved. God lets them prove only what He wants them too. I really feel sorry for so many people who "think" they got it all figured out cause in the end they are going to be like the unbelievers in Noah's day.They're the ones going to be crying and it's going to be too late.

If it's ok with you I'd sure like to use some of your writings in my devotionals and I would like to pass on your site to our members. Thanks so much for your site

In His Service,

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